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🚙🤖💻 Making robotic applications fast and simple!

In 2024, AI is booming! Robotic framework however hasn't changed much in years... This is why we created dora-rs! dora-rs is a new robotic framework that brings modernity into robotic application.

dora-rs can already show impressive performance! This is the result of using our own shared memory server and Apache Arrow to achieve zero copy!

Those performance improvements make a world of difference for beginners, AI practitioners, and weekend hobbyists who have been limited by the lack of support for Python in this field!

And that's only one example of the many innovative features that we can show for dora-rs!

Latency (Lower is better)

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    ⭐ Zero Overhead

    Transfer message with zero copy on shared memory! We use Arrow and our own shared memory daemon to make lightspeed communication on a single machine.

    🤯 Scalable

    Built to scale across machines and robots! We use YAML description to make our software declarative in order to be distributable on multiple machines.

    👨‍🏭 Fast Prototyping

    Use readily available nodes from your YAML dataflow, so that you don't need to bother copy-pasting boilerplate code. You can also tinker live using Python!

    🔭 Observable

    Get logs, traces and metrics through our cli and opentelemetry!

    💻 Large Support Matrix

    dora is available in Python, Rust, C and C++ on most platforms and architecture!

    🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Community

    We hope to make dora a community-driven project and help other learn about robotics.