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Hot Reloading

Making development of robotic application fast and easy is at the core of our thinking for dora-rs.

To reduce development time, we have added a hot-reload option for Python Operators that enables dora-rs to watch for changes.

This is implemented in the likes of npm start or uvicorn main:app --reload


Sometimes reloading a robotic environment ( both virtual and physical ) might be really time-consuming. Being able to hot-reload an operator makes iteration on change a lot quicker.


dora start dataflow.yaml --attach --hot-reload

Fail-safe mechanism

  • Failing the initialization on reloading is going to abort the reloading and not crash the operator.
  • State-values stored in the before-reloading Operator will be forwarded to the reloaded operator.
  • If new state-value is been set in the initialization, they will be available in the reloaded operator.
  • If state-value has been changed in the initialization but was already used before, they will keep their before-reloading value ( used or not ). It is therefore not possible to change currently being used state-value stored in the Operator class.
  • You can use global variable if you wish to have 'changeable' variables.


You can see a quick demo here: